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Are You Suffering or Thriving?
We’re committed to helping our practice members through the very best of chiropractic techniques, physical and regenerative functional health methods. Using state-of-the-art services, you’ll find that everything we do is with one goal in mind – to assist our clients in achieving the life they’ve always wanted.

"I love the ease, attitude and effectiveness of Tammi and Lance’s work. They are lovely people
and very professional at what they do. It really works, it’s magical and it is so gentle.
Since beginning care at Thrive, I have become so much more relaxed in my neck and shoulders.
This work has eliminated any pain I was feeling before. I recommend this work to people daily."

~ Sharon M
"I love that Dr. Tammi and Dr. Lance genuinely want to help their patients, which I believe shows
in the way they explain every step as you progress.
Before beginning care at Thrive I had pain all day every day! The work they do has not only
reduced my pain but has given me the awareness to remain pain-free.
Very rarely do you visit a Doctor’s office and experience such peace and genuine happiness."

~ Tiffany T
"The care at thrive has improved my posture and the pain in my shoulder and back have disappeared. I am also getting headaches less frequently.
I love that the office is so relaxing and welcoming. 
Dr. Tammi and Dr. Lance are friendly and helpful.
To anyone considering care... I say Do it! It could change your life!"

~ Ellen S
"Dr. Tammi and Dr. Lance are very caring. The vibe at Thrive is very comfortable. Since starting
care with Dr. Lance I sleep better, have less headaches and I am more flexible with my
movement. The environment at Thrive is filled with love. If you’re considering care, go for it, It’s
worth it!"

- Lawell T
Upper Cervical Movie Introduction
Tony Robbins Talks about his NSA experience
 by Dr. Tammi's Mentor Donny Epstein
((Caution Profanity))
"Tammi and Lance are so helpful and caring! I am less painful and can continue my daily routine.
I am also in a much better state than I was before coming to Thrive. They are always pleasant,
informative and helpful at Thrive, they care. Consider making an appointment and listen to what
they have to say - you won’t be sorry! I’m not."

- Bernice G
"I love the improvement to my body both physically and mentally. I am able to work out longer,
stand, sit, and bend more than before. Everyone at Thrive is very warm and welcoming.
Especially Dr. Tammi! I definitely recommend it!"

- Ashley B
Since starting care with Dr. Tammi,
I am calmer, have less anxiety, sleep much better, my lower back
discomfort is less and I have more energy and a bouncier walk. I am more aware of my posture
and try not to slouch. I am a more positive person and handle everyday job strew so much
better. I am doing much better in my relationships because I have more tolerance with people
than I did before, I laugh more. Go to Dr. Tammi’s seminars. NSA is a gentle chiropractic care
that helps your body and mind by ongoing care through your life. you will be straight in your
posture and not end up S shaped as you age! NSA is an amazing healer. Go to Tammi for
headaches. I know two friends who have recovered from head pain under her care and no
longer need prescription drugs. She is an amazing young woman with boundless enthusiasm to
help others heal themselves under her care.

- J.R.
"The treatments are very gentle and relaxing. I feel the benefits immediately. I have a more
positive outlook on life. I feel my posture is opening. I have less pain in my lower back and
pelvis. I have a greater awareness and a sense of calm. I am able to realize the deep issues
can be let of to move towards more harmony. I am not sure but people have noticed a change in
me. IT is the ultimate form of healing and Dr. Tammi is a very special person and healer. NSA
opens up your energies both mentally and physically to give a complete sense of well-being."

- A.D.
Thrive Chiropractic is an oasis of healing for so many Virgin Islanders.
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